Way more than a mouthful

Captain Tiptoes and The Occasional Snack Company is the lovechild of a real life Captain and a delightful Ballerina who met and created a collection of ever more wonderful snacks. Named Captain Tiptoes in honour of the previous careers of the founders, this collection has grown into a brand that has been gathering unstoppable momentum ever since its creation in 2011.

The brand is actually another lovely thing created by us nice folk here at Olives Et Al and as we’ve been around for almost quater of a century, we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. Delightfully, we remain ahead of the pack in terms of range, quality and an honest approach to partners rivalled only by the outrageousness of the words splashed across the Captain’s nuts.

By choosing Olives Et Al you know you’re providing trusted and award winning products made from the highest quality stuff and all served up with a dash of wit and humour and an ever so twirly moustache. Oh, and if it’s important to you, please know that we use really clever and unique techniques to kiln-roast and flavour our nuts right here in Dorset and we hold ots of accreditations so you can be sure we’re as squeaky clean as the Captain’s ‘tach.